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  • 2021年11月25日
  • 2021年11月25日
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LONMARK International brings together our members’ collective skills, capacity and experience to identify and develop solutions for the key challenges facing our world today.  A member-based, non-profit organization LMI enables interoperable systems based on the ISO/IEC 14908 and ANSI/CEA-709 series of standards. November  2021  – LONMARK eNewsletter
In This Issue Member Focus:  Trane

AHR Expo 2022

LMI Magazine 2022


HD-PLC Alliance Update

Committee Updates   Upcoming Events

  Member Focus: Trane
profile_photo Trane designs, manufactures and markets HVAC equipment and building automation systems for new and existing buildings. These systems can help building designers solve problems including indoor air quality, refrigerant management and energy cost savings. Trane is committed to providing interoperable systems using standard communication protocols, including LonMark® and BACnet. Trane is an active participant in LonMark International, helping to define HVAC equipment profiles and other standard protocol practices which will position LonMark as a preferred choice in the HVAC industry. For more information visit here.  AHR Expo 2022

Attending AHR in Las Vegas? Be sure to stop by the LonMark booth C1167 and visit our sponsors Renesas, Engenuity Systems, MegaChips and Smart Controls.  The LonMark booth we are planning to showcase multi-vendor demonstrations and hosting a full day of free education sessions on Tuesday, Feb. 2nd see final schedule here . For more information and to register visit www.ahrexpo.com

Call for Content- LMI Magazine 2022 The LonMark Magazine offers members the opportunity to contribute product or company news, authored articles and case studies. Published once a year for distribution at key industry events including AHR Expo and Light+Building, the magazine is a great vehicle for the industry to stay up-to-date on the latest LonMark products and services to hit the market.   If interested in submitting content for the 2022 issue please contact Henny Wieland at henny.wieland@lonmark.org.   CTA Update
LonMark worked with the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) to approve the IAP standard as CTA 709.10.  CTA has forwarded CTA 709.10  to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and we expect ANSI to approve the standard as an ANSI standard this year. For more information visit: https://shop.cta.tech/collections/standards/products/https-cdn-cta-tech-cta-media-media-shop-standards-2020-cta-709-10-final_1-pdf HD-PLC Alliance Update LM Japan will join the HD-PLC Alliance booth at 6th Smart Building Expo in Tokyo from December 6th to 8th. Find more details for this exciting event here.    LM Japan will demonstrate the interoperability of LON and LON on HD-PLC, according to ANSI/CTA 709.8 and prEN 14908-8. For more information on the HD-PLC Alliance please visit: www.hd-plc.org.
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LonMark Committee Updates: 

The next Smart Cities Council meetings are scheduled for Nov. 25th at 4pm; Thu. 16 December 9am; the first one in 2022  will be Thu. 20 January 4pm CET. https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/354565949
The next GMTG meetings is scheduled for 9am CET  on Thursday December 9th. https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/354565949 For more information contact: henny.wieland@lonmark.org

Next LTC Meeting for Dec. 14th at 17:00 CET. For more information please contact Ernst Eder at ernst.eder@lonmark.org 
Building Automation Committee Next BAC call will be on Wednesday, December 15th at 8AM PST. We will be finalizing our prescence at the AHR Expo scheduled to take place in Las Vegas, January 2022. Sessions topics will include smart cities and buidlings, IP high speed wireline, cyber secuirty and more.  For more information contact Shannon Mayette at shannon@lonmark.org   
Upcoming Events 
AHR Expo
Las Vegas, NV
Jan. 31- Feb. 2, 2022
March 13-18, 2022
Frankfurt, Germany
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LonMark Japan